Saturday, February 21, 2009

zack commutes to work

i have to show you this project that my hilarious friend zack is doing "just because". here's the premise: "I have been challenged to commute to work in a different way every day for the entire month of February. I work at an elementary school that is a half block away from my apartment, making the challenge not un-possible. The rules are simple: I can go to work in any way I see fit, but I cannot use the same method more than once for the entire month. I am taking suggestions so don't hesitate to comment with your ideas. Here are some good ones to get you started: sledding, jumping rope, crab-walking, skiing, driving, car pooling, finding a bus that goes to my school and traveling to it so it can drop me off, etc."

any ideas to pass along? zack and i used to live together in college, so i can safely tell you that he is a total sucker for a challenge, and would surely be grateful for your creative suggestions.

also, i just read that apparently, you "only" need to earn $40,000 dollars a year to be happy (which i think is supposed to be a relief?).

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