Monday, February 16, 2009

the thesis/softie situation

this is what i've been doing in attempts to avoid writing my thesis:

i survived writing my thesis lit review without having a breakdown. and that's good news, because all of my art therapy peers said the lit review would be the worst part. but it wasn't, for me, because it was kind of just like writing a research paper. it was reporting findings and summarizing past studies, and blah blah. the part i am stuck on is the results section. this is because i don't really know what my results are. which makes writing my results very hard.

the thing is, i think, that i got myself in over my head. i am writing about an art-based support group i have been leading for 6 months. it is an art therapy group for the siblings of children with special needs. i decided to start this group because there were lots of services in place for the kids with special needs, but no services for their siblings. and even though i don't have a special needs sibling, i do know what it's like to be a kid with a family member who is very sick. that is not the same thing, i know, and is actually a whole different story about how i maybe ended up doing art therapy in the first place, but my point is that i saw a need and it also fit with some things that i identified with and so it became my thesis.

anyway, i have been leading this group for many months, which means i have tons of notes and photos from every single week of the group (although i admit my diligent note-taking waned as time went on). this is a lot of information, and i am totally overwhelmed. i don't know how to organize it, or whether i should even try to include all the information. also, it feels like a "results" section should have actual data, and i don't know that i really have any of that. this whole thing feels mostly subjective, and i'm not used to making arguments based on subjectivity. at least not in papers.

in conclusion, i have been making a lot of little softie animals.

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Jac said...

mmmm, I can't say I envy you re the thesis problem but I do think your softies are cute. I guess it's good to give the creative side of your brain time to play whilst the analytical side is working out what to do next...Good luck with the thesis. :)

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