Thursday, February 19, 2009


here is the first batch of scraps for art of connection:

the embroidered text is based on my interactions with my students at the elementary school where i intern. some are words directly spoken to me by children, while others are statements they have made to eachother. still others might include thoughts or realizations i've had either while working with the children or when reflecting on my work at a later time. i'm envisioning the scraps being displayed like a patchwork, with different colors and sizes of fabric scraps pinned directly to the wall of the gallery space in a cluster-like formation. i'm still deciding if i want to put backing on them and if i want to finish the edges.


gportelli said...

good. i'm glad you've made this information public so we don't have to stalk you anymore. also, i have a good one to add: "i just died a little inside from looking at all the sad squares.thanks lizzie" whadda ya think?

Meg said...

Crying is okay here reminds me of the sign up at one of my favourite cafés: Breast feeding is OK here.

I wonder why we have to give ourselves permission to be human?

disa said...


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