Saturday, February 28, 2009

kitchen nook

there was some nice light in my kitchen this morning as i was eating my pumpkin bread.


Jac said...

Your kitchen looks cozy and such nice light! Pumpkin bread sounds a good way to start the day, especially if you eat it at a table with beautiful yellow tulips. Hope you are feeling better. :)

tangled stitch said...

What lovely photos! Very peaceful and pumpkin bread sounds(and probably smells) delicious.

Laura said...

your kitchen is everything I could ever dream of having. So sweet!

Thanks for your comment on my blog! May I ask where you found me? I'm just trying to figure out how my "marketing" is going. Thanks!

Lizzie said...

thanks for your sweet comments. laura, i'm afraid i came upon your blog by following link after link and couldn't say exactly what part of the tunnel led me to you :( said...

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