Thursday, February 5, 2009

"real world" art therapy

So, my secret vice is watching totally embarrassing television. I'm talking really embarrassing (think "the hills" and "the bachelor"). So obviously I've been watching MTV's reality show "the real world", and this season one of the cast members is an art therapy student. Unlike the surgically-enhanced sorority-type girls that are usually on the show, she actually seems to have ideas and interests. Below is a clip of her trying to explain what art therapy is to some of her roommates.

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Anonymous said...

Although sarah is bringing more media awareness about the profession of art therapy, she is doing a poor job of representing what art therapists are like. She displays the exact opposite qualities that one needs to practice good and ethical therapy. Her passive aggressive and non-confrontational behaviors would be detrimental in working with clients. I really hope that she is not practicing art therapy for the safety of the public.

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