Tuesday, February 24, 2009

books: knitting for good

i recently bought the book "knitting for good: a guide to creating personal, social, and political change - stitch by stitch" and it arrived in the mail today (yeee!). i am not a talented enough knitter to pull off most of the projects, but i am feeling inspired to try and get better. and the book isn't really about the projects anyway; it's about how making things by hand is a statement, even if you may not think of it as such. It's about how creativity can make better your life and the lives of others. the book discusses the therapeutic aspects of knitting, knitting for personal expression, and the use of knitting as a political tool.

here is a review of the book that explains the content and purpose more in depth, and also touches on the idea of "craftivism" (craft + activism) a term coined by betsy.

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